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    Varidesk manual reset
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    If you have a standing desk, it is almost guaranteed that you will have to reset it at some point. Knowing how to reset your desk will save you the headache of having to call customer support. Get our Free Electric Standing Desk Buying Guide! We are an office furniture dealer and sell some of the products we review. Why is My Standing Desk Only Moving Down? If you notice that your desk is only moving down slowly, there is usually one main cause. If at any point your desk lost power, or became unplugged, your desk will only move down. When your desk loses power, it also loses its memory. That means, your desk no longer knows what position it is in. The only way for your desk to know its positioning is by finding a reference point. Once your desk reaches the lowest position, your desk will be reset and should be back to normal. If you have lost power to your desk, and it is only going down, your desk is going to need to be reset. By following these few steps, your desk will be back to running as usual. For safety reasons, be sure to remove anything that is below your desk, especially if you had any container stop settings. These settings will have been lost when your desk lost its power. Unplug your desk from the outlet and wait 30 seconds. Press and hold the down button of your desk until the desk reaches its lowest point. Your desk will move slowly as part of a safety precaution. Your desk has lost its memory and no longer remembers which position it is at. Once your desk reaches the lowest point, you may take your finger off of the button. Next, press and hold down the down arrow again for about 10 seconds. You may notice the desk will shutter a little with a few clicks. Your table may move up just slightly, signaling your desk has been reset. Still Having Issues With Your Standing Desk? How Much Does An Electric Standing Desk Cost? Taylor Kiley is a Digital Marketing Specialist at BTOD. When she is not at work, Taylor enjoys watercolor painting, hiking, and spending time with her husband, family, and friends. The desk is now working and I am too! Your email address will not be published. How Stable Are The Most Popular Standing Desks? What is the Strongest Standing Desk Surface? Pricing on the Learning Center is for reference only. We make every attempt to provide accurate pricing at time of publishing. Please call our sales department for the most accurate pricing. How Do I Reset My Standing Desk Height? So, you want to learn how to reset your standing desk height. Your standing desk height may need to be reset if you experience a loss of power or have a table control panel error or are related to cables. If neither method works for resetting your desk, you may need to contact a support center or customer service for further repairs and adjustments. Two methods exist for resetting your adjustable height desk, including a quicker way and a more thorough approach. How Do I Reset My Standing Desk Height? If you have trouble with your standing desk only descending, you may need to reset the height settings. Additionally, sometimes power outages can cause problems with the control box, causing a reset prompt. Try method one first because it can fix many related issues. You should start with the quick process before moving on to the complex one for troubleshooting table errors. Lower your desk as much as possible. This step requires holding the down button or down arrow while it moves down. Then, release it once it bottoms out. You may need to press the button a couple of times to start the motion, according to one reset instruction manual. Some models with displays show an indicator that the reset for the lowest height has occurred. This length of time varies between brands and features as well. For example, Vari desks will show RST after about 5 seconds. UPLIFT desks require 30 seconds to reset. Press the button again until the desk lowers and raises and the LED flashes. A Vari desk design will also show 25. You can stop pushing the button for other desks after the desk has moved down and then up. Check whether your desk works properly again. You will need to select your presets using a memory setting once more after resetting. You may need to follow a process with more details for UPLIFT desks if this quick option does not work. Unplug the power cable from the electrical outlet. Discharge the charge inside the control box by holding the down button for several seconds. Unplug the cords from the control box and reinsert them. This process should contain several steps for you to follow. Check that your control box is attached to the table frame. This step ensures you have power to your table product for resetting its lowest height. If you still have trouble after disconnecting and reconnecting all of your cables properly and running through the other method afterward, contact customer service for repairs and adjustments. Removing the plugs from the control panel sometimes causes more issues, so make sure you filexlib.
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