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His are the signs of the creation of the heavens and the earth, and your languages, colors, and variety. For the wise, there is food for thought. Sura Room - 22. 
When the worship of God alone and human love are combined; When the currents of these two merry rivers meet, when a man becomes pure by bathing in the cool soft lake of slavery to God and human love, his triumphant progress is irresistible. The line of the light of faith then pierces the chest of darkness and makes its way to the heart of the 'human' heart. From there, a clear and pure stream of love and faith flowed. Because prom is a harmonious force. As in the past, the only solution to all the dangers and problems of the present world is sincerity and spirituality and selfless human love and human service. 
# Floating in the current of the age, this is not your glory; 
 Prevents the flow of time that the crown of glory is worn on his head. 
♡ O Mother of Talent, 
 Improvement, efforts to grow crops and the pursuit of greenery are going on everywhere but it is our responsibility to work on building people and giving birth to talents. Hidden in this heartland are endless treasures and vast potential possibilities. Suffix to acquire and use these resources. "I have created every object in pairs._Qur'an(collective knowledge for good). Scientific. Which is the basis of every study. The established truth is science and that is knowledge(NEWS). Knowledge(truth) and science(reality) is an eternal adventurer whose journey has no break. 
☆ The inconsistency and contradiction that exists everywhere in life is the source and the main cause of restlessness. # Everyone's taste is according to his intellect.
♧ None of you can be a believer unless you choose for yourself what you love for your brother. - Hadith.
 ♡ O best ummah raised for the welfare of world humanity. God will not change any of the existing conditions (and acquired values, dignity, power and kingdom) unless they change their own conditions. 
 O clouds,
 O awakened conscience, O wise,
 the revolutionary call to every human being is 'read', the dignity of the first revelation. Acquire knowledge intellect believer and trustworthy In the light of God's guidance and guidelines, it can be beneficial and fruitful for humanity. Knowledge is his gift, his creation. For, knowledge is the nature of human standard (fith'rath), Spirit. the passion of the heart, the demands of the soul and the essential needs of human civilization. Knowledge is the great gift of God. It is adorned with fruits and flowers, the tree of knowledge is born to be. In a word, knowledge is the eternal truth. And in truth there is no death, no defeat. If you become poor, then knowledge will be your wealth. And if you become rich, then knowledge will be your adornment. And truth and knowledge are scientific. Knowledge is the product of the collective and long experience of the human race{legacy of prophet father Adam(A) to the last messenger Muhammad (dorud)} which is not and should not be the sole property of any country or nation. That indivisible and single entity of knowledge and wisdom is the joy of seeking, seeking and receiving truth and trust(Light). The artificial division of knowledge and truth could not confuse us. Which is universal to the public. Ilm and knowledge is an ever-young and ever-new one, a single entity and if there is devotion, sincerity and honesty, there is no special difference in the grace given by Allah in different countries, races and religions. Revolutionary (eternal) and ground-breaking. Prosperous. This world of Allah is not a trade fair. Waqf is a great idea or institution. The question of the individual has now become quite minor in the eyes of the people. Society is a piece of land. Field. Tauhid (purity of Aqeedah) includes strength, reliance and fearlessness. Perseverance of character. 🛡Shield🔰.
Unstable like mercury, not overly emotional and overbearing. This emotional turmoil and excessive influence was also the cause of the catastrophe, sorrow and suffering of some nations in history. 
# The destiny scribe is holding the pen waiting for the divine judgment. And Allah's judgment depends on the thoughts and deeds of the nation. Almighty God, of course, is not dependent on anyone. But this is his eternal provision.
□ Insan = Uns = feeling + love + intimacy + sincerity. Originated from. Takalluf disappears between Taleb and Matlub. Which, from Nesbat to Munasibat. Established on all necessities. Kama aman'n nas murad. 
# So, there is no trust (deposit), there is no faith. There is no promise, there is no religion.
♡ Let us become a symbol of our own values ​​and become poetry. It awakens confidence in the heart, mind and brain. Improved vision, pleasing language of heart, warmth of heart. 
O Beautiful O Developed,
Oath of Leadership: Honesty, Courage,         Righteousness. 
My paradise is in the middle of my heart. He guides those who run with interest. 
O high head, O fearless one,
 the call for freedom is from the dark cell of the world. To be a representative of one Lord from the slavery of the creatures(Materialsm).
O intellect and heart, 
the ever-conquering language, the tender gaze of the eyes, the white sweet smile of the face, the gentle smile and the fountain of love and affection, empathy(e'sar) emanating from the depths of the heart. In every heart there is a mighty waterfall. The triumph of light-radiating power-generating renaissance. 
 O living heart, condition: life, dynamism and warmth. 
 O wise one, let's be the spark of the pacemaker. 
♡ Your point in raining pearls is like a huge sea, 
 A torch of light shining in the heart, 
Giving sight to the eyes. 
Those who were lost, made them of the directional world; 
 The vision of love then made the life-giver in the corpse. 
 ♧ Unity will be the most successful unity of welfare and holiness. Positive and constructive life is the successful unity of civilization. Declaration of human unity given in Farewell Hajj. It was a universal proclamation of the last prophet addressed to the human race. Declaration of full blessings and full perfections(act).
# Hadith: Embrace the one who separates you (kinship), forgive the unjust towards you, and do good to those who misbehave with you. One ummah is one body. Prayer: Give us the simple right path of virtue, walk on the path that your loved one has gone. 
 That way your eternal curse, 
That way the error is eternal regret; 
 Never let us go that way. 
 O innermost. 
He who rules over the mind, he is the conqueror of the age. The splendor of the heart is the real splendor. 
# (Comparison of honest words) Like a good tree whose root is strong and whose branches are wide, which gives its fruit in every season with the permission of its Lord. - Verses twenty-four to twenty-five of Surah Ibrahim.

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